Goose eggs on target for Easter - despite wintry weather
  The hard winter that has delayed the arrival of spring blossoms hasn’t held back mother goose — and prospects are that there will be more goose eggs available for Easter this year.“

It is the increasing day length rather than the temperature that dictates the arrival of the first eggs and we had geese laying on Valentine’s Day this year, just as tradition decrees,” says Eddie Hegarty, partner of Norfolk Geese and vice chairman of British Goose Producers (BGP).

“As consumer interest in goose eggs is growing, more goose producers are keeping back birds reared last autumn and the eggs will be available from now until July when days start to shorten. So we’re expecting they’ll be more goose eggs available this year from farm shops, speciality food retailers and even some supermarkets.”

Chefs are seeking to use goose eggs more in soufflés, chocolate brownies and other dishes. The eggs make wonderful sponge cakes and, according to Mr Hegarty, they provide the ideal batter for scrumptious pancakes, Yorkshire pudding and toad-in-the-hole. As well as the fantastic omelettes with a rich golden colour.

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