Goose eggs: 'Can't keep up with demand'
  One of the largest suppliers of goose eggs is struggling to keep up with demand as consumers’ appetite for niche products continues to grow.

Norfolk Geese is experiencing unprecedented demand for eggs from farm shops and other retailers as well as individual consumers.

“We’ve never seen this level of orders,” says joint proprietor Eddie Hegarty, also chairman of British Goose Producers. “We used to sell eggs mainly for decorating, but the demand now is for eating them. We‘re dealing with orders from a dozen upwards.”

The eggs are packed in wood shavings in a cardboard box with ‘Fragile – eggs’ marked on the outside. “We hardly ever hear of any eggs being harmed in transit,” he adds.

Mr Hegarty and his family themselves enjoy goose eggs in omelettes, cake recipes and his speciality Yorkshire pudding. ‘One cup of flour, one cup of milk and one goose egg’ is his recipe …. which translates to around 50 grams of flour, seasoned and 150 ml of milk to fill a 12 x patty tin. Cook for 15/20 minutes.

He says BGP members around the country are also reporting buoyant sales with, for example, Howard Blackwell in Essex, trading as The Rare Meat Company experiencing a heavy demand.

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