Supplying top quality goslings for over 40 years

Norfolk Geese is the leading supplier of goslings and goose eggs throughout the UK and Ireland. The business was founded by the late John Adlard in 1972 and has built a reputation for the quality, security of supply and customer care.

Today Norfolk Geese is a partnership between John's daughter Georgia Hegarty and her husband Eddie. It was always John's hope and expectation that Norfolk Geese would continue in the traditional style that he established more than 40 years ago.

Joseph Hegarty

Already the third generation, Joseph Hegarty aged 15, is hatching and rearing geese specifically for tame pets. We hope this is the start of great things to come.

We are planning to continue developing the business to serve the needs of goose producers. Goslings are hatched from two separate sites in Norfolk which work independently of each other. This enables us to provide a high standard of bio-security. We believe this helps us at Norfolk Geese to ensure our customers are not exposed to any risks or delays.

Our stock is completely traceable. Both hatcheries are registered under the The Poultry Breeding Flocks and Hatcheries Order 1989, with regular health checks carried out by both the Ministry of Agriculture and Crowshall Veterinary Services.

All our breed stock are vaccinated against the Goose Parvovirus (Derzy’s Disease).

We at Norfolk Geese are committed to carry on improving the performance of the geese we supply, together with providing expert technical service and support for our customers.

We represent and promote the British Goose Sector Group of which many of our customers are members. Eddie Hegarty is currently vice chairman of British Goose Producers and is also a member of the British Poultry Council.

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Eddie and Georgia
geese in field